The EFT is at a very exciting stage in its development. With a leadership team at the helm consisting of both old and new hands, our focus moving forward is really on developing touch across Europe, but also on enhancing the sport for each and every player.

Over the last twelve months, many people have been working behind the scenes to lift the EFT into an exciting, new, player-driven era. Strategy meetings with NTAs have significantly helped shape this future outlook.

Helping to take the EFT forward are designated executive, events, finance and promotions and marketing directors to assist the President, Vice-President and Secretary General in the running of the EFT.

A key focus is to bring the sport back to the players. More opportunities to play at international level have been introduced with the new Premiership and Championship tournaments in summer 2017.

A new players commission is also in the planning, to provide a direct link between all players and the EFT.

Developing European referees and coaches will remain a priority. More courses are planned for 2018 across member countries – watch this space!

Finally – the EFT wants to hear from you. The players, the referees, the coaches – with any ideas or suggestions you want to see the EFT take forward.

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