May saw Touch Berlin host their annual Capital Cup, but in honour of their 10th Anniversary they were able to secure the spectacular Mayfields which is home to the iconic back drop of the Olympiastadion.

The surroundings and venue were enough to make the 10th edition of the Capital Cup special, but Touch Berlin then announced they would be having 42 Teams attend the competition. It was not just Europe’s heavy weights in attendance with teams from as far is Singapore, Brazil and a Galaxy Worldwide team making the journey to the Olympiastadion.

The Touch mirrored the backdrop, and Berlin witnessed two outstanding days of competition. The gruelling group stages saw many of Europe’s heavyweights enter the quarter final and semi final stages with two noticeable clashes that may have graced the final in any other tournament; a quarter final between London Otters and Bareback Riders who had been fighting out the England Touch National Touch Series and an all Galaxy affair in the Semi Final between London Galaxy and Galaxy Worldwide.

The final brought together not only two teams from opposite parts of the world, but it had the added dynamic of teams that had a very eclectic and truly international flavour in Galaxy Worldwide who had players from New Zealand, Australia, USA and Asia and Bareback Riders comprising of international players from England, Scotland and Wales.

The Final lived up to expectation and was indicative of the form of both teams over the 2 days of competition; both teams exchanged TD’s all game demonstrating an attacking masterclass that ended 11-11 and gave the 40 Team strong crowd a mouthwatering drop off. Galaxy Worldwide stole the show and were triumphant to take home the trophy and the bragging rights to call themselves champions of the historic 10th Anniversary of the Capital Cup held at Berlin’s and Germany’s famous Olympiastadion.

Social media was flooded with messages of thanks to the team in Berlin who delivered an outstanding tournament and all of course offering their gratitude for affording them the opportunity to play our great game in such an historic venue and of course for putting on some outstanding Touch.