Women’s 35 Division – ETC18

Countries entered: England and Scotland
Defending Champions: N/A

Throughout the 2018 European Championships, the Women’s 35 teams will play in 3 Test Matches. This is an historic moment for Europe as this is the first time the division will be showcased on an international stage as an FIT tiered fixture. The division was played at the 2017 Senior Touch Championships and proved to be highly competitive. Throughout the ETC18, the Women’s 35 teams will also have the opportunity to play against teams entered in the W27 division, which will ensure they are well primed for the 3 game Test Match Series.

The Test Matches will take place at the following times:

Test Match One: Wednesday 18th July, 17:30, Field One
Test Match Two: Friday 20th July, 15:40, Field Three
Test Match Three: Saturday 21st July, 13:00, Field Three

There has been a lot of preparation made by both England and Scotland in anticipation for this Test Match Series, and both teams are expected to push their younger counterparts in the Women’s 27 Division. Make sure you tune into the livestream to witness first-hand the first Test Match in the W35 Division.

Keep track of all of the results here: https://www.internationaltouch.org/events/euros/2018/womens-27-35/