Women’s 27 Division – ETC18

Countries entered: England, France, Ireland, Scotland
Defending Champions: England

The standard of the Women’s 27 Division has gone from strength to strength, with England enjoying a period of dominance within Europe. With all teams with an eye on the 2019 Touch World Cup, we are once again promised a high quality and very closely fought division.

The early favourites will be England and Scotland, however with both Ireland and France performing exceptionally well in their respective EFT Permit Competitions in 2017 and with many of those players being eligible for this division, both of these NTA’s will be hot on the heels of both England and Scotland.

There is a large proportion of former Women’s Opens players who have made the transition into the Senior Women’s category which speaks volumes of the quality of Women’s Touch in Europe and the importance that NTA’s have place on female youth development. With a large proportion of the players in the Women’s 27 division being good enough to grace the Women’s Open division, the race to the Gold Medal will be a closely fought battle.

The Women’s 27 Division gets underway on Wednesday 18th July at 11:40. The Gold Medal Game will take place on Saturday 21st July at 12:00 on Field One.

Keep track of all of the results here: https://www.internationaltouch.org/events/euros/2018/womens-27-35/