As part of the European Federation of Touch Club Championships, the EFT held an awards evening to recognise a range of contributions and achievements throughout Europe.

Former EFT President, Ben Powell said [about the President’s Awards] ‘this was an excellent opportunity and privilege to recognise players, referee’s, administrators and volunteers for all that they have done and achieved throughout my term as president. Whilst it was impossible to recognise everyone, I believe those that have been identified for a President’s Award have offered a significant contribution in their relevant area. These individuals have been excellent ambassadors for the sport; whether that be in their individual performance and influence on the touch field or sub box, or in driving their National Touch Association and the EFT to new heights’.

Here are the winners:

  1. EFT President’s Award  – Female Player – Susannah Hudson (England)
  2. EFT President’s Award  – Male Player – Calum Anderson (Scotland)
  3. EFT President’s Award – Junior Female Player – Shona Campbell (Scotland)
  4. EFT President’s Award – Junior Male Player – Louis Treays (Wales)
  5. EFT President’s Award – Senior Female Player – Katherine Jones (England)
  6. EFT President’s Award – Senior Male Player – Billy Ngawini (Ireland)
  7. EFT President’s Award – Coaching – Robbie McKenzie (Scotland)
  8. EFT President’s Award – Junior Coaching – Miriam Evans (Wales) and Paul Monteiro (Czech Republic)
  9. EFT President’s Award – Coaching Recognition – Yvonne Giesen (Germany), Tim Osborne (England), Gareth Revell (Wales), Lok Man Ho (EFT and Germany), Lesley McCallion (EFT and England), Yohan Bergere (France), Monica Wallace (Scotland)
  10. EFT President’s Award – Refereeing – Duncan Smart (Scotland) and Aoife McCarthy (Ireland)
  11. EFT President’s Award – Touchdown of 2018/19 – Alicia Green (Scotland Mixed Open)
  12. EFT President’s Award – Volunteer Recognition – Owen Smith (Wales), Linda Acker (EFT and France), Erick Acker (EFT and FIT), Chris Wearmouth (England), Gregg Cropper (England), Peter Faassen de Heer (Scotland and EFT), Federico Black (EFT), Matt Reid (JTC), Hannah Chrisp (EFT), Kevin Hill (EFT)
  13. EFT President’s Award – Achievement – France Men’s 30s performance at TWC19 (France), Mike Wallace (Scotland), Sylvain Charras (France), Gareth Revell (Wales), Scotland Mixed Open performance at TWC19 (Scotland)
  14. EFT President’s Award – Publicly voted ‘Female Players Player’ – Susannah Hudson (England)
  15. EFT President’s Award – Publicly voted ‘Male Players Player’ – Louis Treays (Wales)