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You have learnt the game, you have played it and now you want to coach others.

Lok Man HoCoaching Commission Chair
Lok Man Ho lived in Hong Kong and Australia before moving to Munich in 2005 to further his career in automotive engineering. He represented Germany as a player in international Touch Championships from 2007 to 2013, and began coaching at a university touch course in 2009. Since then he has coached the Touch München club and German representative teams. Currently he is acting as the coaching coordinator at Touch Deutschland, and is a member of the newly formed EFT coaching commission.

There are two Levels of coaching courses available.

Level 1 is an introduction to coaching in general with some specifics to Touch. It focuses on how we coach, organising a session. It is mainly classroom based but with some practical sessions.

Level 2 is probably the minimum level you should attain if you wish to coach at international level. It focuses on specific Touch coaching with game scenarios. It also looks at session planning and yearly plans, nutrition, injury prevention and hydration.

If you are interested in attending a coaching course, or finding out more about the options available to become a coach or improve your existing coaching skills, send an email to

The EFT has developed a coaching policy to enable consistency, quality and professional standards for all aspiring coaches.

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