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The European Federation of Touch Women’s Commissions specifically aimed at increasing female participation in the sport, and to promote equal opportunities across playing, coaching and refereeing.

The Commission will be responsible for assisting the development of women’s open competitions, providing resources to inform and encourage women to start playing, and will act as a forum for any specific questions / needs from NTAs on female development in the sport.

Diversity within touch is increasing, and the EFT is actively encouraging this.

Please email any questions to womenscommission@toucheurope.org.

Gary LambertWomen's Commission Co-Chair
I am honoured to have been appointed and am excited to be working alongside Lani to develop and drive the European Women’s Commission; not just for the benefit of the Women’s Game but the sport as a whole. Along with my Professional and Sporting passion for coaching, mentoring and training I have chaired National Surgical Training Committees, formed and coached University Women’s Rugby teams, graduated from the England Rugby Leadership academy and helped plan and deliver the Pan Birmingham Rugby World Cup Legacy. More recently my drive to develop the Women’s Game has involved helping to lead the campaign for FIT to retain recognition of the Women’s Seniors Divisions W27s in the interests of the sport’s ongoing development and most importantly the players.
Lani BairdWomen's Commission Co-Chair
Lani Baird is currently a Level 3 referee, Level 1 referee coach/presenter and is a Non-Executive Director on the Scottish Touch Association Board. While studying at College and University, she has spent the last 8 1/2 years involved with the National Union of Students Scotland and UK. During this time she has held various volunteer positions while sitting on various committees. Her experience has given her skills around policy creation and development, campaign creation and management, membership engagement and research.

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