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Here you will be able to find up-to-date information for everything related to refereeing Touch, from becoming a referee at park/module level (“grass roots”) to the highest level at regional/national and international tournaments.

You will find information on badge courses and coaching opportunities at events both within your own country and throughout Europe, which you can nominate to attend. In addition, our referee policies, common bond and code of conduct as well as major tournament rankings and finals appointments, are available for you to view.

Be sure to check the website on a regular basis as new information relating to tournaments and courses gets added regularly. News and information updates will also be disseminated through our Facebook and Twitter channels (links below).

If you have a story of interest, or a suggestion or information to be added to the site – or just to get in touch – please use the contact us form below.

Peter Faassen de Heer (Scotland)

Referee Director

Peter has refereed for 14 years and played at open & senior Touch for Scotland, is a level 5 senior black badge & holds referee and player coaching qualifications. He is perhaps best known for co-writing the 4th edition rules of Touch. He continues to enjoy the sport at all levels: playing for Superhands in Edinburgh, officiating at local, national & international events & supporting referees through course presentations and developing the next generation of referee coaches.

Please welcome the European Referee Commission approved by EFT.

So (drumroll please…) here they are, each with their respective roles as agreed and their current country of residence:

Role Name
Referee Director Peter Faassen de Heer (Scotland)
Coaching Development Matt Reid (Wales)
Communications Sarah Mason (Scotland)
Website Development & Digital Platforms Sylvain Charras (France)
Euros Co-ordinator Bronwyn Wake (England)
Youth Academy Kevin Hobbs (Wales)
Event & Course Management Sebastien Chassande-Barrioz (France)
Course Development Matthew Boesen (Switzerland)
Kit Alice Watchorn (England)
Presenter Development Neil Fitzpatrick (Scotland)

Overall this makes a heavy workload manageable and Peter feels really lucky that we’ve ended up with people who each have skills, experience and desire to make a difference in their area.  The fun starts now.

What next?

Please bear with the Commission while we get our internal roles and structures sorted. If you’re interested in a specific area and would like to help please contact the commissioner via Referees@toucheurope.org.

The Touch Europe Referee accreditation system has five (5) levels of grading – badge levels 1 to 5. Criteria for each level are set by the European Referee Panel. The Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 courses vary on content, pass grade, and course duration, but essentially they are split into theoretical and practical sessions. Levels 1 to 3 require referees to successfully complete a course and written exam, then to be subsequently assessed as competent during a competitive game. Levels 4 and 5 require only the practical assessment to be deemed competent.

Referee Coach Technical Standards - Policy 7 -May 2019

The calendar below shows all Level 2 & 3 courses being held across Europe.

Lucas Von Hoff Award

This highly prestigious award is named after Lucas Von Hoff (12 August 1980 – 11 June 2011). Lucas’ contribution to the sport of Touch throughout Europe as the European Director of Referees and a FIT Panel Member was epitomised by his dedication to his fellow colleagues and referees. His professionalism was unparalleled and he played a huge part in the development of referees throughout Europe.

Dedication – Guidance – Contribution – Leadership

The Lucas Von Hoff Award represents the following key principles and character traits:


The award reflects several aspects:

  1. It reflects Lucas’ approachable charm.
  2. It represents his desire for excellence in himself and European referees.
  3. His guidance and tuition.
  4. The award parallels his high expectations, his achievements and those he set to realise.


  • 2012 – Peter Faassen de Heer
  • 2014 – Kevin Hobbs
  • 2016 – Sylvain Charras
  • 2018 – Derek Fisher


  • 2012 – Peter Faassen de Heer, Derek Fisher, Riet Garsed, Shelley Grace, Vincent Van Neuren
  • 2014 – Matthew Boesen, Derek Fisher, Neil Fitzpatrick, Riet Garsed, Shelley Grace, Kevin Hobbs
  • 2016 – Sylvain Charras, Derek Fisher, Riet Garsed, Shelley Grace
  • 2018 – Matthew Boesen, Stephen Dubreuil, Derek Fisher, Neil Fitzpatrick, Phil Leeks, Duncan Smart, Ian Syder

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